Anggraeni Anggraeni, Asep Gunawan, Rukmiasih Rukmiasih, Tuti Suryati, Cece Sumantri


The aim of this study was to identifypolymorphism and association of the FMO3 gene related to carcass and meat quality in Indonesian Cihateup ducks. A total of sixty Indonesian Cihateup ducks were used in this study. Tissues from breast muscleswas used for genomic DNA. Association analysis showed that the SNP g.849A>G was highly significantly associated (P<0.01) with live weight (LW), carcass weight (CW), breast muscle weight  (BMW), pH, cooking loss, drip loss (DL), lightness (L*) and redness (a*), TBARS and TMA. Compared to the GG genotype, the AG genotype exhibited greater levels (P < 0.05) LW, CW, pH, a*, TBARS and TMA but not DL and L*.  These results will improve the understanding of the functions of the FMO3 gene in carcass and meat quality within the liver and will shed light on FMO3 as a candidate gene in the selection of ducks with good carcass and meat quality traits


FMO3gene, PCR-RFLP, carcass and meat quality, Indonesian duck

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